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Jim's Antique Radio Museum

Real radios glow in the dark and are warm to cuddle up next to!..


The definition of a Boat Anchor radio is a radio that weighs enough that it could be used as a boat anchor. 

Yah, I know, it all depends on the size of the boat. I think the cutoff point is around 30 pounds so any radio in that vicinity or greater could be considered a Boat Anchor Radio.

Additionally, the expression Boat Anchor typically only applies to amateur radios of the tube era. I know there are some old broadcast radios in hardwood cabinets that could not only anchor a boat, but could possibly sink it!

Someone actually developed a cute, but involved, equation for determining a figure of merit for a boat anchor radio. Check it out at:

Anyhow, what follows are some of my BA radios, so sit back and enjoy.


If you look in the lower left hand corner of the S-meter you will see a dead spider! This set will require a little "debugging".....hahaha.

I call this the Spider Meter and it is reading between 3-5 units!

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